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Project Ilex

This is the accumulative copy-paste of my project for the last few months. She's nearly finished, and has the deadline of Confuzzled at the back end of May!

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I wish I could stuff work tomorrow and do art all night and all day forever. Just when I get some direction with a picture, I have to wait a whole day to touch it again :(

Time to add swish lighting effects.



I did some livestreamings this evening and worked on the sketch in my previous post.
I like how it's going. The story goes, BlackWing has been possessed by a nasty and become TERROR BLACKERS (who looks like this. Jet has to kick some butt in order to get his best friend back to normal. Epic air battle ensues. I wish I wasn't at work tomorrow. Or Friday. Or Saturday, or I'd crack on and finish it.

I picked out my birthday/xmas present this year. A new computer! Only problem is, I'd have to transfer/upgrade photoshop onto it. I need to pretend to be a student, or borrow one to get a student edition.

Artistic Musings

Lately I've been using Art Rage to do my work, and it's good fun. Since I upgraded to Pro I figured I should use it more. I enjoy rattling off a sketch in it. As soon as I open it, my screen is filled with canvas and I can grab a pencil and go. Taking the time to figure out how to select and move sections of the picture has really paid off. This is something I had kicking around in my head that I want to get down.

However, I think I'll be finishing that in Photoshop. I'm thinking cloudy-stormy-lightning strike thing. Maybe rain, but that will make it pretty busy. It's been ages since I've done something like that.

This is something I finished last week for a contest over on DeviantART. This character is who I'd like to make/be made into a mask and costume. Maybe in a Victorian dress, I don't know. She's a creepy collector of natural things and I've called her Ilex. She's a pegasus friesian horse. The theme for the contest was Vintage, and it suited Ilex to a tee. There are only four entries, and I think I'm one of the stronger ones. Not that I'm biased or anything.
I told myself I wouldn't get stressed out about it, but now I'm refreshing the page all the time D:
I'm not even interested in DA's Points, which is the prize. The exposure would be nice though :D

Vintage by *jet3270 on deviantART

Today's Adventure

So last week I tweeted that I'd seen some deer tracks not far from our usual dog walk route. Today I took the same route to find out more. Amber took off hunting for something which I thought was just a pheasant, since I heard one cawking. It also felt like we were being followed by the resident seagulls who were making a racket over head. Yep, Brighouse has loads of seagulls...

I managed to find some more deer tracks in a patch of scrub and woods, and snapped a picture so I could look them up. Didn't need to do that. I met up with my crazy dog again, (who was absolutely covered with mud and shrubbery) but quickly grabbed hold of her and put her on the lead. Just over the fence in front of us, within sight of the M62 barriers, were three freaking roe deer.
I stood as still as possible so they would feel ok to move away from the motorway. As much as I like venison (and would totally drag a carcass home and put it in the freezer), today was not a day witness/cause such carnage.

Luckily they moved to the position indicated in this photo below, which is part of our usual circuit, and it felt like we did a dance around each other. I was at their only exit from this field, and as soon as I moved out of the way, they went back to their woodland.

It's times like this when you should always have a decent camera on you. Amber had her hunting face on for the rest of the walk, and I was certain she'd run back and take up the chase again. She usually has a shorter attention span compared to Bonnie.
I totally should have taken a picture of the dirty dog. She needed two baths this morning. So glad I declined to come into work today.

What else have I been up to lately

Four years ago my Brass Band released their first commercial CD. I have been the editor and publisher of the band's newsletter and posters, and doing the CD cover was a no-brainer:

Rise of the Phoenix by *jet3270 on deviantART

Now, we have finished our second CD in time for Christmas. It was recorded 2 weeks ago, and features local organist Neil Taylor, who is musical director at Sheffield Cathedral.
The new cover therefore features an organ, and the title is after the song by Sir Arthur Sullivan. I wanted to put the lyrics of this somewhere on the new cover, but it didn't suit it.

So you can have them right here instead. It's an amazing tune, and I recommend you go listen to it. In fact I'll go find it for you...

(This is from the band up t'road, as they say!)

Seated one day at the organ, I was weary and ill at ease,
And my fingers wander'd idly over the noisy keys;
I knew not what I was playing, or what I was dreaming then,
But I struck one chord of music like the sound of a great Amen.

It flooded the crimson twilight like the close of an Angel's Psalm,
And it lay on my fever'd spirit with a touch of infinite calm.
It quieted pain and sorrow like love overcoming strife,
It seem'd the harmonious echo from our discordant life.

It link'd all perplexed meanings into one perfect peace
And trembled away into silence as if it were loth to cease;
I have sought, but I seek it vainly, that one lost chord divine,
Which came from the soul of the organ and enter'd into mine.

It may be that Death's bright Angel will speak in that chord again;
It may be that only in Heav'n I shall hear that grand Amen!

So hey, this is the new CD!

The Lost Chord by *jet3270 on deviantART

So glad I've got this out of the way. Now I can work on my own art without feeling guilty. Until the next newsletter needs doing...

Edit! Oh yeah, you should all go look at our website. Guess who did the graphics: http://www.cliftonband.co.uk/
I'm now endeavouring to post more things to Livejournal, rather than connect via twitter. Also to try and get rid of the spam messages I get on those entries. Maybe frequency of post is better than size? I don't know...

Another thing. Is there an option of MASS DELETION of entries on LJ? Cos this might take me a while...

Nevermind. In the same time I would have taken me to figure it out, I've deleted every one.

Anthrocon and Virginia Visit

Hooray! A proper post that's not from tweets!

Last month I went and stayed with my best pony mate ishaway for 2 weeks, encompassing Anthrocon in Pittsburgh PA. I had a such a lovely time with Ishaway and thank her so much for letting me stay and for driving me around everywhere. We went to Washington DC for a day trip at my request, which included a trip to the Natural History Museum. You can see photos from the trip here on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150255824908979.345613.510038978&l=7d6cd708c6

Anthrocon itself was a bit of a bust. First thing, I was poorly/sixk throughout. I had my dealers table, but got very little traffic. I took just enough money to cover the cost of the table, and only sold one piece in the art show. One saving grace was that many artists were saying that sales were bad this year. I wish I'd been sat next to Ishaway like we had planned, and she wasn't having fun with her table partner. I'm glad she took some good money though.

I roomed with the utterly amazing gishkishenh, and the delightful mrst4nkr and her hubby. It was hanging with these amazing people that were the best thing about the con.

Things I got at the con include... a couple of badges, a print and a sketch from Dark Natasha that's in the post, a signed book from Peter S Beagle, and a Pony! Made by AnimeAmy!

He survived! @AnimeAmy_MLP on Twitpic

Next year, Furnal Equinox is on the table in Toronto. Bernice/Gishkishenh has invited us both, and I would love to go so much. Even instead of Anthrocon.

Now I've definitely got to put lots of artwork on my walls from the last 2 years. It's all in a big pile. Must buy a new pack of bluetack.